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Harvesting This Healthy Resource

Accounting for over 90% of the fish found in the rivers, the presence of this invasive fish causes a decline in the numbers and a reduction in the size of our native fish.

These fish have exceedingly high levels of Omega-3, protein, and iron. They have minimal contaminants. They are significantly less expensive than red meat and a more heart healthy option. Yet these attributes have been long overlooked in terms of providing a solution to their environmental destruction.


Out of Reduction Comes Abundance

Our company estimates the processing of 15 million pounds of the fish each year from Peoria’s Illinois River alone. Working with local fishermen from the Midwest Fish Co-Op, we receive the fish at our facility which is just minutes from a marina entrance of the river where the fish are caught. This enables us to provide you with a fresh product. Each fish is unloaded by hand and stored on ice until they are prepped for processing and distribution.


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1 Million Fish Means 4 Million Meals

The state food banks provide over 190 million meals per year to individuals in Illinois. Through a partnership with local food banks, who are a part of Feeding America, we have combined forces to implement a more effective and efficient process of handling the area’s donations, while also bringing a low cost, nutritionally packed meal to families in need.

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