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Sorce Freshwater Company

"Help us today, so we can start feeding America tomorrow"

Tasty Invasive Fish

The repercussions of invasive fish that have plagued a number of the major fresh waterways across the United States and Canada for the past 40 years have not gone unnoticed, but the fish have gone unnoticed in flavor. Until now...

Our solution

By reducing this non-native fish population, we will help restore America's waterways back to their natural ecosystems while feeding America. The solution does not stop here though. Sorce Freshwater Company is a Zero Waste business. The heads and entrails of our fish are processed into commercial bait and high nutrient fertilizers.


Due to the rapid reproductive nature of the species, we have access to a highly renewable resource. Sorce Freshwater can harvest up to 15 million pounds of this fish yearly. Our contribution to the environment goes beyond invasive species reduction, as we will be making a significant impact on America’s food banks by providing them with one of the most nutrient rich, heart healthy and bountiful proteins that exists.

Family-Owned, Family-Operated

In 1971 Allen Sorce built Sorce Enterprises, a food distributor that became highly recognized for its quality and reliability across the Midwest. Today, Allen’s son Roy, along with Allen’s grandchildren, have taken the company’s almost 50 years of expertise in food distribution to bring its own fresh, local fish and assistance to the community. We partner with local fishermen to have the freshest fish brought right to our back door, which is only minutes from a marina entrance. With our own distribution center, we can take our processed fish to wherever you are.
Asian carp are versatile in cooking. They are a mild, white fish with almost no smell and a flavor profile so light that the fish can be cooked in almost any dish, as they easily take on the flavor of seasonings and sauces