Sorce Freshwater Company

Family Owned Purveyor of Tasty Invasive Fish

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Proudly Wild Caught and Processed in America

We provide fish products that are not only tasty, but that are making a difference. From creating jobs for local fishermen to restoring freshwater ecology across America, we are bringing fresh, healthy food to our communities and to those in need, all while creating zero waste in the process.

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A Fresh Approach To Health & Life

Asian carp are versatile in cooking. They are a mild, white fish with almost no smell and a flavor profile so light that the fish can be cooked in almost any dish, as they easily take on the flavor of seasonings and sauces.

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Sourced Responsibly.

A Catch You Can Trust,

A Sorce You Can Rely On.

Three Generations of Family-Owned, Family-Operated Since 1971, Sorce Enterprises Operated As A Food Distributor Who Was Widely Recognized Across The Midwest For Its Quality And Reliability.

In 2020, Roy Sorce Made The Plunge To Sorce Freshwater. We Use Our Foodservice Knowledge, Experience, And Care To Bring Our Own Healthy And Fresh Food To You.

What makes us different



Real People. Real Catch.

Real People. Reel Catch. Our Facilities Sit Along A Marina Entrance Of The River Where The Fish Are Caught. The Fish Are Brought Right To Our Back Door And Then Delivered To Yours. That’s Local.


The Mission

Our mission is to provide healthy, responsibly sourced fish products while restoring freshwater ecology across the United States.


The Vision

Our vision is people working together to restore the freshwater ways of the United States and helping to alleviate the crisis of global food shortage, while creating zero waste in the process

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